To Tan or not to Tan

These days it seems like everybody is striving for the ‘body beautiful’. And What’s the perfect accessory? A killer tan! But – is that the price you’d pay to be brown?


Judging by the number of busy solariums and bodies lathered up in tanning oil on the beach in summer, a lot of people are potentially willing to pay the ultimate price. While your tan may look great for a week or so after the sun, have you thought about what it REALLY does to your skin?


A tan is much more than skin turning brown. Skin cells in the epidermis (the top or outer layer of


the skin) produce a pigment called melanin, which gives skin its colour. When skin is exposed to UV radiation, melanin is produced and the skin darkens.


Some people think that a tan is a sign of good health. In reality, a tan is a sign that your skin has been exposed to too much UV radiation and that damage has occurred. Even a light tan shows that the skin has been damaged.


Want to know what an extreme case would look like? Have a look at your favourite leather bag! Or, do you remember that movie “There’s something about Mary”? Magda definitely had too much sun!


The Solarium option is definitely not safer either.  Just like the sun, solariums release UVA and UVB radiation, which can seriously damage skin, harm your eyes and cause skin cancer. Tanning in solariums can be especially dangerous as the UV radiation from solariums can be five times as strong as the midday summer sun.


Have you thought about a spraytan? They’re 100% safe AND they look great! You can literally get an all over tan if you want. This type of tan is virtually impossible to get by lying in the sun – unless you’re sunbathing nude – and most people go a shocking shade of red before turning brown when their tan is sun enduced!


Spray tanning is a great way of getting a tan regardless of where you live and what time of the year it is. If you live somewhere that doesn’t see a lot of sunbathing weather it doesn’t matter – you can still get a perfect sun-kissed tan simply by spraying it on. The same goes for the winter months when the sunshine isn’t strong enough to cause natural tanning, or if you work indoors throughout the day and rarely get to bask in the sunshine.


Spray tanning is a safe alternative to sun baking and using solariums to achieve a tan. You can avoid ageing your skin, painful burns and of course, skin cancer.


At Bounce Hair Body Beauty, our Therapists use an organic, green based tan (Stops it from going orange!) that looks completely natural and amazing all year round. It comes in a range of colours, so whether you’re looking for a light glow or a healthy bronze they’ll have the colour to suit you!


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