The Right Style for YOU

Do you love the way you feel after an amazing hairstyle. When you have a great hairstyle you have more pride and confidence giving you that extra spring in your step and leaves you feeling like you can take on the world.


Most of us are concerned about how our hair looks and often it is more important than the clothes we wear. This is proven with how many times a day we play with our hair to get that desired look compared to how many times we check our clothes – it is our face and hair we generally look at not our body.


As we age, it is a face that our hair changes, style changes and our lifestyle changes which leads us wanting to change our hair so we feel different.


One of the fantastic things you can do for your hair as you age is to experiment with a new colour or cut. DARE TO CHANGE! Change your hairdresser; change your look. Get a consultation to discuss adding highlights for summer or lowlights for winter just to add that touch of class to your look.


If you’re visiting a stylist for the first time make sure you ask the right questions. You will soon discover if the stylist is going to be good for you or not. There are many stylists who can cut hair, but not all can help you work out the best style to suit your lifestyle. Many of us have been through the experience of finding a great stylist and then suddenly they leave and you have to find another one. At Bounce we invest time and effort into all our staff so that they are trained in the same way so if your favourite stylist is away on holidays you know that one of the other members of the team will always be able to recreate the look that you love.


When you come to Bounce you know with confidence that you are investing in a great cut, colour and style. As you know a good cut can almost take care of itself and will save you hours of fussing with your hair. Our team of hairdressers will take into consideration your face shape, your height, your age, your lifestyle, products that will compliment your style and most importantly the thickness and texture of your hair. They will listen to what you want ans will work with you to determine what will be the best style for you.All you then have to do is consider the way you dress and the image you wish to project.


In fact, we guarantee our work. If you’re not totally delighted with the service you have received, we will re-do it for free.


So call Bounce Hair Body Beauty now on 07 3844 5658 and experience a hair styling service you deserve.