The great Product debate

How many times have you gone into a salon and felt sceptical about a product they told you that you NEED to use or your hair will suffer? Feels like a sales pitch, right? Well it shouldn’t be.


It is true, stylists are required to recommend retail as part of their job…. But there is a very good reason for this.


Most salons stock the retail range that their colour company produces. The reason for this is that generally that shampoo or conditioner is created to compliment the colour/perm products that they offer. For example, if they feel that their colour requires extra protein to keep it shiny and last longer, all of their products will contain this vital ingredient to keep the stylists work in better condition for longer.


Also, everybody is different. Just like your hair. What works for somebody with thick frizzy hair may not work for someone with fine, limp hair.


Your stylist is a professional, and this is their area of expertise. They can prescribe the right combination of products to get your hair looking and feeling as great as possible. When we’re sick, we don’t walk into a chemist and peruse the medicine shelves for what we think will make us feel better – We book an appointment with a doctor who will prescribe the right medicine to make us feel better. The same should go for your hair. For example, did you know that panthenol and guar gum will make your hair feel fuller and thicker, but excess of mirustyle will actually weigh fine hair down? Your stylist does!


Why can’t I just pick up a volumising shampoo from the supermarket then?


Because for starters, you may not know exactly what your hair needs. All volumising, moisturising, repairing and de-frizzing products are different. How do you know that the “repairing” product on the shelf will contain what your hair needs to repair itself? Hair needs so many vitamins and minerals, it’s hard to get the right combination for each hair type so your own prescription may need to be personalised.


Also, these supermarket products have to re-create the “just stepped out of the salon” on a very minimal budget. For example, if your shampoo is $6.00 to buy, that means the supermarket bought it for a maximum of $3.00. Which means the wholesaler produced it with a budget of about $1.50 per bottle. Including all packaging and labelling. Doesn’t leave much money to spend on ingredients! So obviously they have to improvise with low grade detergents and cheap silicones (plastic, think breast implant) to get the job done. So while they might feel like a quick fix, these products don’t actually do anything to improve the condition of your hair. In some cases, they actually make it worse, making it difficult to colour and style hair due to the build up of product. So is it really worth saving a few dollars per bottle of shampoo to sacrifice your hair in the long run?


At Bounce Hair Body Beauty, all of our stylists are highly skilled and trained, and can indentify all different types of hair and needs. They will be able to prescribe the right combination of products for YOUR hair to get it looking exactly the way you want it.


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