Our workers can help with heaps of different things that are happening in your life. Accessing us is free!

All our workers are women and they are really interested in how they can best assist you to achieve your goals. We work with all young women from ALL cultural backgrounds and circumstances. We have wheelchair access too.



Stuff we can help with:

Housing: helping you to find a place (like emergency housing, long term housing, share housing, private rental)
Accommodation: we have a few temporary flats/units for young women (you gotta phone and get on our waitlist)
Dealing with Violence: (like domestic violence, family violence and sexual violence) – stuff like this can really muck up your plans
Living Skills: workers can help you sort out paying bills, looking after your place and yourself
Parenting: workers are there to chat to about how your parenting is going and help you find extra support if you need. It can be really hard parenting on your own and trying sort everything out as well!
Mental Health: when you don’t have safe housing this stuff can make you feel really down and stressed. We can chat about this stuff and if you want extra info, we’ll give you a hand to find the right people
Social Isolation: sometimes when you break up from a relationship, been arguing with your family, losing touch with your friends you can feel really alone. We have heaps of different group programs happening and can help you work some of those other things out.”


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