Want long luscious locks without having to wait? Well maybe hair extensions are for you!


Hair extensions have been popular for years, because they’re such a great way to instantly achieve ANY look.


There are many different methods of hair extensions on the market today. And like everything, they range in price and quality.


The best quality are normally European hair. These strands are thick and healthy feeling, and haven’t had to undergo too strenuous chemical treatment. Slighty less quality strands include Indian and Asian. These strands are coarser, and (As no Asians or Indians are naturally blonde) go through a strict chemical process to reach the desired colour and texture, therefore are a little more fragile and harder to manage.


In terms of application, it is really up to the individual as to which method best suits you.


Some of the more popular methods are keratin tips, rinex/micro beads, and tape-ins.


Keratin tipped extensions consist of a group of strands (about 20) that have been bonded together with a keratin tip. Keratin is what your hair and nails are already made of, so it’s not damaging to the hair. The tip is then attached to a small portion of your own hair with a heat clamp that melts the keratin so that you can mould it with your hair.


This method is a little bit time consuming, but can offer great length or thickness. In very rare instances, this method can irritate an already sensitive scalp.


Rinex/Micro beads are a little different. They are still gathered on a keratin tip, but then that tip is inserted into a tiny metal cylinder that loops through some natural hair, and then clamped shut so that the natural hair and extension strands are clamped together. There are lots of different quality “bead” extensions on the market, but a good quality set shouldn’t rust, come loose or irritate the scalp.


Tape-ins are the newest method available on the market. They come as a small weft (about 1.5 inches) of hair that is stuck to one side of the hair, and then a matching weft is stuck on the other side of a very thin section, holding the other one in place.


This method is a little more expensive in the short term, but the hair is reusable and gives the most natural appearance, sittting virtually flat on the head. These extensions are invisible, unless you actually single one out to show somebody.


Extensions can be used on any length hair, from 2 inches long to 20 inches! It is recommended that your extensions are no more than double the length of your own natural hair, to decrease breakage from heavy strands and give the most natural look.


At Bounce Hair Body Beauty, our staff are trained in many different methods of extensions and will definitely be able to assist you in finding the right method and length to create your dream style.


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